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Auto Repair in Northbrook, IL



If you live in Northbrook, you’ll find outstanding automotive service at Duxler Complete Auto Care. Our convenient Northbrook location is ready to welcome you and your vehicle. From basic maintenance like oil changes, to complex transmission rebuilding, we’ll make sure everything is done right the first time.

Northbrook is one of the best towns in the Chicago area. Whether you are just visiting or you live in this wonderful community, you’ll have access to fun activities, shopping, restaurants, and more. One of the top reasons to live in Northbrook is the excellent parks, including the Somme Prairie Grove, the Somme Woods, and the Chipilly Woods, which are all located within the city limits of Northbrook. The Northbrook city also holds excellent golf courses, including the Willow Hill Golf Course and the Sportsman’s Country Club.

Anyone interested in shopping, entertainment and dining will love the town of Northbrook. This area has many unique places to find everything you need, including the Northbrook Court shopping mall, which has lots of excellent stores and a wonderful movie theater.


Get excellent automotive service from our outstanding team at Duxler Complete Auto Care. Come to our Northbrook location and we’ll make sure you get the service you deserve.

Call now to schedule your appointment for world-class automotive service. You’ll be treated like a member of our family, ensuring your vehicle is running at its best for thousands of miles!

Duxler Complete Auto Care is proud to offer three locations, in Northbrook, Evanston and Wilmette. Experience reliable service from a team that can handle any automotive issue.

“I love the fact that I can trust Duxler's expertise - and get fast, convenient service at the same time.”
Gigi Evans (customer for 18 years)
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Craig Stone Evanston Manager With Duxler Since 1998

Frank Tagliere Northbrook Manager With Duxler Since 2008

Ernie Tagliere Wilmette Manager With Duxler Since 2010

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